Do you ever feel like you're just skimming the surface in your relationships with people at church?

Do you wish you could discuss God's word with others, asking questions and looking for ways to apply it?

Do you need a little boost from friends to help you pursue God and pursue opportunities to share God's love with others?

Then a Life Group might be what you're looking for!

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Life Groups are people who meet in homes each week to go farther in three directions:

Up: We seek to go further in our understanding and application of God's word, resulting in greater obedience to Jesus.

In: We care for each other, sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly of life, and building life-giving relationships.

Out: We spur each other on to share God's love with the people in our lives, and even look for opportunities to serve others together.

The following Life Groups have room for new members.  Which one works for you?

Hosted by: Pastor Tom and Chris Hlad at their home in Waterloo.  Sunday nights at 5:30 PM, dinner included.  If interested, contact Pastor Tom at

Hosted by: Pastor Aaron and Ciara Mazzarella at their home in Waterloo.  Sunday nights at 5:30 PM, dinner included. If interested, contact Pastor Aaron at

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